About Us

About Us


This blog is a collaboration between three entrepreneurship teachers:

  • Doan teaches entrepreneurship in academia
  • Justin teaches it outside academia (accelerators, conferences, etc.)
  • Federico teaches it outside academia (mentoring, companies, etc.)
Teaching Entrepreneurship Founding Team
Federico Mammano, Doan Winkel, Justin Wilcox

Combining our different backgrounds and similar philosophies (learn by doing > learn by listening), our goal for TeachingEntrepreneurship.org is to:

Help entrepreneurship professors motivate their students to develop the skills necessary to thrive in a rapidly changing business environment.

On this site you’ll find detailed lesson plans we use to teach entrepreneurship skills in an experiential way.

For example, here’s one on Idea Generation. Here’s our favorite exercise 60 Minutes to MVP.

Doan Winkel here.

I am an entrepreneur (Legacy Out Loud) and an educator (John Carroll University). My students create and own their learning experiences. My classroom is an entrepreneurial experiment each and every semester.

I have two main goals in life:

  1. To fix our broken education system by giving students a voice and control (see my TEDx talk).
  2. To motivate younger generations to tackle their dreams by creating their own careers.

I look forward to helping you create the entrepreneurial experiences our students deserve!

You can reach me at doan@teachinge.org.

I’m Justin Wilcox, a…

  1. Failed startup founder
  2. Turned Customer Development practitioner
  3. Turned successful founder
  4. Turned entrepreneurship teacher.

My passion is the practical application of Lean Startup & Customer Development theories, which I detail in the FOCUS Framework workbook series, and blog about at Customer Development Labs.

My goals for all of my projects are:

  • Empower people to serve one another through entrepreneurship.
  • Providing scalable, experiential learning experiences.

You can reach me at justin@teachinge.org.

Federico Mammano

I’m Federico Mammano a French and Italian entrepreneur in heart. I wrote my first line of code at 9, and I bootstrapped my first Startup pioneering the Virtual Reality space as a garage entrepreneur when I was still a student.

After 2 MSc, an MBA, and an extensive entrepreneurial experience across a range of industries, my passion for entrepreneurship and innovation has spurred me to hack the common paths. Now, I’m spreading and giving back my learnings to improve the way innovation is taught inside and outside academia in several world-class acceleration and corporate programs. Former tech hacker, in the good ethical meaning :), turned entrepreneur, turned entrepreneurship hacker, and now winning entrepreneurship instructor.

You can reach me at federico@teachinge.org.

ExEC Advisory Council

The ExEC Advisory council is a set of entrepreneurship professors who use our Experiential Entrepreneurship Curriculum and have shown a dedication toward improving the curriculum through regular feedback on contribution.

We sincerely thank the advisory council members for the work they due to improve the way entrepreneurship is taught.