Arts Entrepreneurship Syllabus

Arts Entrepreneurship Syllabus

Arts entrepreneurship is necessary for artists pursuing their passion. They are laser-focused almost entirely on their craft.

What artists are missing are the skills to scale their craft and run a business.

Like entrepreneurs, artists sell a product. Like entrepreneurs, artists need to get their product into the marketplace wrapped in a validated business model. In order to do this, artists need basic business and entrepreneurship skills, and a willingness to approach selling art as any entrepreneur would.

Our Arts Entrepreneurship syllabus provides a structure for students to develop those skills.

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Creating a successful business around artistic passion is no different than creating a successful business around the latest technology or the most recent food trend. Artist entrepreneurs need to complement their artistic skill with entrepreneurial skill. Our Arts Entrepreneurship syllabus offers students the experiences necessary to build the following skills:

  • Develop a business model to support their craft
  • Identify and target potential customers
  • Identify potential revenue streams
  • Explore the financial feasibility of your artistic practice

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We’ve created a detailed Arts Entrepreneurship sample syllabus that details the components of a full semester course.

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