Back to Back Winners at USASBE 2020

Back to Back Winners at USASBE 2020

At this year’s USASBE conference, we were incredibly humbled to win the Excellence in Entrepreneurial Exercises Awards again, this time with our Lottery Ticket Dilemma lesson plan!

Winning the 3E competition is the highest achievement an entrepreneurship exercise designer can win – we like to think of it as the Super Bowl for entrepreneurial pedagogy nerds (that’s us!).

We were privileged to have 4 out of the 10 exercises selected for the awards, including our popular 60 Minute MVP lesson plan which was a finalist and has recently been published in the Entrepreneurship Education and Pedagogy Journal. Slides for all of these lessons are available below.

One of our founders, Doan Winkel, became President-Elect of USASBE. We look forward to his leadership of this great organization.
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In addition to our annual happy hour, we hosted our first-ever Innovator’s dinner.

Entrepreneurship Lesson Plans

This definitely was our favorite conference yet. USASBE gives us a space to share and learn. We came away from the conference reinvigorated to continue improving our product to provide you and your students even more value.

This year we:

  • Hosted our annual happy hour and first Innovator’s dinner
  • Ran six sessions, featuring experiential entrepreneurship exercises from our ExEC curriculum
  • And the pièce de résistance…
We won the Excellence in Entrepreneurial Exercises (3E) competition again!
Teaching Entrepreneurship Lesson Plans
Winning this award has validated we are on the right track when it comes to creating truly innovative entrepreneurship programs.

After winning the 3E competition, we were delighted to join our fellow educators at the USASBE Gala.

Thanks to your engagement in our events, we had a fantastic conversation that covered:

  • what we wish for our students and entrepreneurship education as a whole,
  • what we wish for ourselves as entrepreneurship educators,
  • the barriers to creating engaging curriculum
  • how to make entrepreneurial skills accessible to all students

We had a wonderful time hosting happy hour as well as our inaugural Innovator’s dinner on Friday night. It was wonderful connect with other educator’s with an aligned vision and we enjoyed demoing our financial simulator:

Education Lesson Plans
Entrepreneurship Lesson Plans

As always, thank you for supporting us, challenging us, and for sharing our passion for engaging students everywhere.

New Orleans was an amazing host, but we’re already planning for next year’s USASBE conference in Los Angeles. We hope you join us!

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If you want access to our slides from USASBE, you can access them here.
Entrepreneurship Lesson Plans

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