Backend Engineer

REMOTE | Part-Time | $30 - $60/hr

Work Remotely. Improve Education.


If you’re interested in writing code that makes a meaningful impact, this may be the position for you.

We’re an education startup using AI to replace traditional textbooks with personalized tutors. Our products are currently utilized in 200+ universities and we’re looking for a backend developer to help us scale our engineering efforts.

In particular, we’re looking for someone who either:

  • Has extensive experience building LTI 1.3 integrations 


  • Has experience with Firebase and PHP
  • Is not only familiar with Git but can help us make the best use of it
  • Ideally has experience writing custom WordPress code and using OpenAI’s APIs
  • Ideally has experience managing and optimizing WordPress servers

 We expect this position will require 10 – 30 hours per week to start, with the potential to increase if you’re interested.



Here’s what we’re looking for in an engineer:

  • Great communication skills. We’re a fully remote team so someone who can communicate collaboratively and proactively is important.
  • Someone who enjoys setting, and delivering on, their own schedule. As long as you’re able to proactively communicate when you’ll complete projects, and consistently hit those dates, you’ll have complete autonomy over your schedule.
  • Someone detail-oriented. We’re looking for someone who will diligently and thoroughly test their own code.
  • Someone who can help us establish best practices. At the moment we’re a small engineering team of (1 and 1/2 people). We’d love to find someone who can help us establish best practices.


How We Can Help You

Here’s what we can promise you:

  • Consistent remote work
  • Autonomy over your schedule (no micromanaging)
  • An eagerness to help you succeed
  • Help developing your own entrepreneurial skills
  • The opportunity to improve education for millions of students



To apply, please email justin [at] with a link to, or a copy of code you’ve written that’s relevant to this position that we can review.

Please do not send:

  • Just a link to a website/app you’ve built (we’re most interested in your code)
  • Screenshots of code
  • A link to your GitHub profile page (please send a link to a specific project instead)


We’re changing traditional textbooks from boring, expensive, and outdated paperweights to AI-enabled personal tutors. Starting with university entrepreneurship classes and expanding from there, we’re replacing lectures and textbooks with personalized experiences that provide differentiated education for every student.

If you’re passionate about education, and changing the way young people think about serving others, learn more about us, please apply!