“The Best Entrepreneurship Curriculum Available”

“The Best Entrepreneurship Curriculum Available”

The Experiential Entrepreneurship Curriculum (ExEC) will help your students learn:

  • Idea generation
  • Customer Interviewing
  • Financial modeling
  • MVPs and prototyping
  • Pitching and storytelling

In a way that…

You’ll Love to Teach

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Mark McNees and the Florida State University entrepreneurship teaching team have been impressed by ExEC’s award-winning approach. So much so that they’ll be adopting it at both their Tallahassee and Pensacola campuses this Fall.

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Dr. Samantha Fairclough of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln knew the way she previously taught entrepreneurship “isn’t working for me. The students hate it. I hate it. I don’t enjoy the book.” She decided to ditch all textbooks and was searching for readings and articles she could use instead when she found the Experiential Entrepreneurship Curriculum (ExEC). Read more about Samantha’s experience adopting ExEC in her classroom. 

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A Winning Approach

In addition to winning praise, ExEC exercises have won USASBE’s prestigious Experiential Entrepreneurship Exercises (3E) competition, the last two years in a row.

Entrepreneurship Education

This competition is judged by entrepreneurship professors who know how hard it is to engage all students – and these exercises have won because they do precisely that.

Better experiences create better engagement.

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The 60-Minute MVP exercise continues to be both a professor & student favorite.  Recently, it was also published in the Entrepreneurship Education and Pedagogy Journal

Academy of Management Learning & Education review of Experiential Entrepreneurship Curriculum

And ExEC has been reviewed in the Academy of Management Learning & Education, the leading journal on the study of management learning and education.

Learn more about ExEC in Academy of Management Learning & Education.

80+ Universities Now Use ExEC

Teaching experiential entrepreneurship courses is trending worldwide. We currently have 80+ universities teaching ExEC, including:

  • Virginia Tech
  • Penn State
  • Marquette University
  • TCU
  • Oklahoma State University
  • University of Nebraska-Lincoln

These diverse universities have adopted the ExEC curriculum into their classroom, and it can help your students too:

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Kim Pichot of Andrews University met the TeachingEntrepreneurship.org team at the annual USASBE conference. She tried a few exercises with her students, and her classroom came alive! Kim was so happy with the experience she wanted to try the full ExEC curriculum. Read about her experience using ExEc in her university’s Interdisciplinary Innovation & Entrepreneurship Certificate (4 courses and a capstone ending with a demo day and real money).

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Like hundreds of other entrepreneurship professors, Georgann Jouflas of Colorado Mesa University struggled to adapt the Lean Launchpad approach for her course. Rather than an accelerator cohort, she needed a comprehensive curriculum that was a better fit for students taking an entrepreneurship course. Learn how ExEC helped Georgann transform her students’ learning experience. 

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Online or In-Person

There are two versions of ExEC: one we’ve optimized for teaching in-person, and the other which we’ve optimized for teaching online and, especially relevant this Fall…

You can seamlessly transition between the two, even mid-term.

Don’t Reinvent the Wheel

We’ve spent years testing and iterating a structured set of comprehensive exercises that we know teach entrepreneurial skills in an engaging way – online or in-person.

Why waste your time trying to tie together a set of unrelated exercises you compile from around the web? Use a set of rigorous, cohesive lessons that will engage your students.


Use the “Best Entrepreneurship Curriculum Available”

Check out ExEC, engage your students and give them access to the best tools available.

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