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Reflective Quizzes: A Skill-Building Alternative to Multiple Choice

Reflective Quizzes: A Skill-Building Alternative to Multiple Choice

Quizzes are helpful, especially in large classes, because they’re easy to grade and can motivate some students to do their pre-assigned reading.

The problem with quizzes is they assess “reading and regurgitating” skills more than entrepreneurial skills.

Quizzes also create a cat-and-mouse game where students can share answers online, forcing you to constantly update the quiz questions.

On the other hand, reflection assignments are great at assessing skills and mindset development – they just traditionally take longer to grade.

Reflective Quizzes: Build Skills (with less grading)

We’ve been developing a new type of quiz for our ExEC Big Intro curriculum that:

  1. Is as fast to grade as a normal quiz
  2. Incentivizes students to come to class prepared
  3. Uses open-ended questions and reflective prompts to assess student skills and mindset development

Here’s a demo:

Grading Shouldn’t Be Exhausting

Assessments in experiential courses can be as formative for students as the exercises themselves!

So if assessment is one of your least favorite parts of teaching, there are a couple things that may help:

Want Your Students Building Real Skills?

Request a preview of ExEC Big Intro here.

ExEC Intro logo

What’s Next?

In an upcoming post, we will share information about our upcoming Summer Summit where we will share some exciting new exercises!

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Summer 2021 Summit Invite

Summer 2021 Summit Invite

The Teaching Entrepreneurship Summit is back!

Now with…

3 New Experiential Exercises

The Teaching Entrepreneurship Summit is your chance to not only get the new lesson but see them in action. Plus, they’re…

Free when you join us live!

All sessions will run from 1 – 3pm Eastern but if you can’t join us live, recordings are available for sale.


May 25: Making Finance Fun

Summer Summit: Making Finance Fun

Financial projections don’t have to overwhelm students!

Get engaging exercises, including a brand new game, for teaching revenue modeling.

June 2: Better Idea Generation

Summer Summit: Better Idea Generation

Exercises and tips to improve the creativity, feasibility and, impact of student business.

Plus: How (and when) to intervene when students “fall in love” with bad ideas.

June 10: Improving Student Pitches

Summer Summit: Improving Student Pitches

New tools for tweaking your pitch day format to…

Move students away from “innovation theater” toward rewarding real entrepreneurial skill development.

Hint: Imagine if entrepreneurial skills were at the Olympics.


Early Bird Tickets Available

We know budgets are tight right now so we’re offering a new “Live Access Only” ticket free of charge.

Plus: Full Access tickets, which include recordings and slides, are $100 off before May 11th.


What’s Next?

In an upcoming post, we will share information about our reflective quiz approach to more effective assessment!

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Virtual Workshop: Engaging Students Online

Virtual Workshop: Engaging Students Online

Let’s be honest. Teaching to a screen isn’t as fun as teaching in person. In person you can:

  • See if students are engaged
  • Have lively discussions
  • Connect with students

None of those are easy to do online, and because of it, teaching online can be more draining and less enjoyable.

Online Teaching Best Practices

Interested in learning how to teach online in a more engaging way? How about learning best practices in a live, “practice what we preach” environment with other entrepreneurship instructors from around the world?

Help launch the Engaging Students Online Virtual Workshop!

You’ll Learn

Techniques for making your online…

  • Lectures more engaging
  • Discussions more interactive
  • Lessons more experiential

…and ultimately, fostering connections between you and your students.

That said, we’d love your input so we can prioritize the topics and tailor the experience to your needs.

How Much Will it Cost?

We’re hoping to keep the cost as low as possible. Please fill out the interest form to help us figure it out!

When Will it Be?

Great question. You tell us…

Taking into account your availability, when would an Engaging Students Online Virtual Workshop be most helpful to you?

Late April

Early May

Late May

More options...

Whether you’re new to online teaching and looking to improve your experience, or a pro willing to share your wisdom, please let us know if you’re interested in a virtual workshop dedicated to increasing engagement in online classes.

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Why I’m Running for USASBE President

Why I’m Running for USASBE President

I am a starter, with big ideas. The kind that make you sit back in your chair (or jump out of your chair, depending on your risk tolerance).

I am not a finisher – details and I have an on-again-off-again relationship. I need a community to create impact, and I know I would have one in the USASBE family, because we are so woven together in our pursuit of becoming the boldest teachers, scholars, and practitioners we can be. (btw, please join hundreds of entrepreneurship educators in New Orleans this January for our annual USASBE Conference!)

I have seen the operations of this organization for many years, both as a member and how we engage with our members, and as a Board member and how we run the organization. Nothing is perfect, and while we do a fantastic job of delivering an great conference experience, we leave the other 51 weeks of the year largely ignored.

We can do more! We can do better!

I have some ideas how:

  • Most of us currently do or aspire to host any variety of competitions on our campus. Pitch competitions. Business model competitions. Design competitions/hackathons. Business plan competitions. I would like to see USASBE become the leading authority on how to develop and deliver an innovative competition experience for students. I think many of our competitions are fairly ineffective in accomplishing sustainable and responsible impact for the students. What if we were the go-to resource for anyone looking to implement a robust competition on campus?
  • On each of our campuses, we currently do or aspire to host any variety of guest speakers. Maybe you’re looking for a classroom guest. Or an event keynote. Maybe you’re looking for a student club keynote. No matter what your need, if you are looking for any sort of entrepreneur guest on your campus, we should be the go-to resource for any guest speaker needs. What if we built a USASBE Campus Entrepreneur Speaker’s Bureau? (and monetized it, just like we teach our students to do)
  • In our membership, we have a hugely diverse mix of folks new to the academy, some who have been around the block more times than they can count, and anything in-between. Our members represent all kinds of colleges and universities, from all kinds of departments and centers. This diversity screams for developing a transformative Member Mentor Network. The newbies need help navigating this career path. The old folks need help keeping up with current trends and technology. Everyone should be a lifelong learner. We all like to learn, and we all like to give back. What if we built a Member Mentor Network that deeply engaged every member in meaningful learning and professional development?
  • USASBE membership is a nationwide blanket; we have members in every state across the US, and many foreign countries. In all our individual communities, we see many social problems that could use an entrepreneurial solution. What if we leveraged our national network to begin attacking some national social problems that affect all our communities (recidivism, hunger, etc.)?

These aren’t even the scary ideas (I’ll save those for later!), these are just the kinds of things I think about on a daily basis.

I do bring some shortcomings to the table. I am not the best with keeping track of details. I struggle mightily with work-family balance, and am learning how important it is to put family first. I have lower-than-average emotional intelligence so sometimes I step in it – but always act with the best innovative intentions.

I love to collaborate. I love to build scaleable things. Whether it’s an award-winning curriculum, or a transformative experience for high school girls, or anything else, my professional passions are:

  1. To fix our broken education system by giving students a voice and control.
  2. To motivate younger generations to be comfortable owning their dreams and creating their own careers.

You can see I’m firmly student-focused. I don’t make apologies for that, as I believe that is how I can create the most impact for others. Similarly, I believe in USASBE I can make the most impact by disrupting normal routines and tired procedures to help our members create more value for students on their campuses.

I look forward to serving the USASBE community long into the future, in whatever role the community decides is best. Thank you for the opportunity to share a bit of me, and the opportunity to lead us into the next exciting chapter!

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Winning 1st Place at USASBE 2019

Winning 1st Place at USASBE 2019

This year’s USASBE conference, a gathering of hundreds of the best experiential entrepreneurship instructors from around the world, was a harrowing one for us.

We survived a strep throat breakout, an unimaginably poorly timed dead laptop, an all-nighter prepping exercise kits, and lost luggage.

Despite the challenges, or perhaps because of them, this was our favorite conference yet. We shared, we learned, and we got energized to improve our product and process to provide you and your students more value.

This year we:

  • Had 100+ people show up to our Happy Hour,
  • Interviewed Steve Blank, the godfather of evidence-based entrepreneurship,
  • Ran three sessions, featuring experiential entrepreneurship exercises from our ExEC curriculum,
  • and the highlight….

We won the Excellence in Entrepreneurial Exercises (3E) competition!

Winning the 3E competition is the highest achievement an entrepreneurship exercise designer can win – the Super Bowl for entrepreneurial pedagogy nerds (that’s us!).

This win isn’t about lower-case us (Justin, Federico, Doan and the rest of the team). It is about US – the first version of this exercise was inspired by our work with you, the community.

This award is recognition for the work we all do, for the feedback and engagement you have generously provided over the past few years.

The recognition is not an arrival point, but is validation we are on the right track, and an inflection point to co-create even more value for our students.

After winning the 3E competition, Justin and Federico quickly turned their attention (until 4am!) to assembling curriculum kits for our happy hour.

Despite just three hours of sleep, Justin (we call him The Champ!) brought his full high-fiving, chair-jumping energy to the competition the next morning, presenting our Toothbrush Design Challenge with an unparalleled passion that inspired the audience and judges. It was a sight to behold.


We also sat down for an hour-long, 1-on-1 interview with Steve Blank on the future of entrepreneurship education.

Thanks to your questions, we had a fantastic conversation that covered:

  • the ideal class an entrepreneurship major should include,
  • the weaknesses of customer development and Lean Startup,
  • the academic research around Lean Startup, and
  • how to balance exposing students to the harsh realities of entrepreneurship, while still making entrepreneurial skills accessible to all students

Click here for the full video as soon as it’s released!

And of course, we had a wonderful time hosting happy hour on Friday night. We celebrated our collective success, and enjoyed demoing some new ExEC lesson plans:

Thank you, for supporting us, for challenging us, and for sharing our passion with your students and colleagues. Our success doesn’t happen without you!

Florida was an amazing host, but we’re already planning for next year’s USASBE conference in New Orleans. We hope you join us!

If you want to introduce your students to the #1 Experiential Entrepreneurship Exercise, request a preview of ExEC here

USASBE 2019 – See You in Florida!

USASBE 2019 – See You in Florida!

Are you going to the USASBE conference in St. Pete Beach, FL in January? You should – we got so much value from last year’s conference.

This conference is an incredible few days of entrepreneurship educators and folks planning entrepreneurship programs sharing their work and ideas.

If you’re going, we’ll see you there!

Friday Night Party

Let’s get the important stuff out of the way first. We’re hoping to host our second-annual happy hour party Friday night after the conference activities. We’ve got room for 100 USASBE Conference attendees to join us, so register here if you’d like to attend.

3 Talks + A Competition

We’ll be leading a handful of sessions during the conference:

  • Mechanical Pencil Challenge: Defining “Early Adopters” And Where To Find Them (Fri. @9:30 am in the Banyan room & again Sun. @9:30 am in Blue Heron).

This exercise uses mechanical pencils, and a 10-minute competition between attendees, to introduce Early Adopters. We contrast them with Early Majority and Late Majority customers, and demonstrate where and how to find a business model’s Early Adopters.

  • A Better Toothbrush: Testing Assumptions Via Customer Observations (Fri. @9:30 am in the Banyan room & again Sun. @ 9:30 am in Blue Heron).

This fun and high energy exercise utilizes children’s toothbrushes to help attendees see how easily they can make hidden assumptions that hinder the success of a project. We introduce attendees to customer observations, a tool to mitigate the consequences of hidden assumptions. Overall, this is an engaging Design Thinking exercise that encourages attendees to assume less, and observe more.

  • Rigorously Assessing Experiential Courses: Transparent Grading Using Check-Ins, Mini-Cases, And Reflections (Sat. @ 9:30 am in Snowy Egret).

During this session, attendees feel how frustrating it is to be evaluated by vague/subjective criteria. Attendees learn five tools for transparently evaluating experiential courses and then brainstorm ways they can incorporate these techniques in their course. Attendees leave with session with a set of detailed sample rubrics that will enable them to both teach more experientially and assess more objectively.

The Mechanical Pencil Challenge and the Better Toothbrush exercise

…are finalists for the 3E Experiential Entrepreneurial Exercises Competition!

Come cheer us on at 9:30am on Friday in Banyan!

Hope to see you there!

Justin, Doan and Federico

Free Digital Teaching Entrepreneurship Conference

Free Digital Teaching Entrepreneurship Conference

Are you participating in our Digital Conference on May 10? If not, this is your chance to participate for free!

If you teach entrepreneurship and want to learn engaging exercises to do with your students that demonstrate:

  • Why interviews are more powerful than surveys
  • The best business ideas come from customers
  • That failure is the fastest teacher

…then you want register for the Teaching Entrepreneurship Conference.

We’re hosting a digital conference experiment, and we’re offering free tickets to attend the event live!

Use the coupon code DigitalConferenceMVP for free access to the live session, or for $100 off a full ticket price (which also includes post-conference recordings)!

Conference Agenda (all times PDT)

9am                       Kickoff with Doan Winkel

9:15-10:30am     Julienne Shields and the Ping Pong Challenge

Join Julie live in her classroom as she gives her students piles of ping pong balls and a complex mission to accomplish with them.

Watch (and help!) her students iterate their way to a solution as they discover the benefits of small, fast experiments and embracing the failures they encounter along the way.

Use this exercise in your class to help your students learn to take calculated risks and an iterative/experimental approach to solving problems.

10:45-12:00pm     Jim Hart Creating with Customers in Mind

Jim will walk you through an interactive, partnered, exercise you can use with your students to help them understand:

  • Creativity comes from asking the right questions
  • The best ideas are inspired by customers
  • Interviewing customers isn’t as hard/scary as it seems

If you want to help your students with idea generation and motivating them to interview customers, definitely join Jim’s session.

12:15-1:30pm     Justin Wilcox Surveys vs. Interviews

Justin will show you one of the most popular exercises from the Experiential Entrepreneurship Curriculum (ExEC).

This exercise will show your students once and for all, why it’s better for them to use customer interviews for problem discovery, than it is to use surveys!

Our ExEC professors cite this lesson as producing “Light Bulb Moments” in helping students understand the power of customer interviews. Join us to see it in action!

Teaching Entrepreneurship Conference

A Digital Conference

May 10th 9 am Pacific/12 pm Eastern

It Works In Our Curriculum, So Why Not A Conference?

After the positive impact of our ExEC entrepreneurship curriculum’s “Show, Don’t Tell” approach to experiential learning across 20 universities, we decided to apply that approach to the conference experience.

We know you enjoy learning by doing. We enjoy showing, not telling. It’s a perfect match!

See you there – be sure to grab your ticket here! Remember, register even if you can’t join us live because we’ll have recordings available.

Last Chance for Free Tickets

Remember to use the coupon code DigitalConferenceMVP for free access to the live session, or for $100 off a full ticket price (which also includes post-conference recordings)!

Teaching Entrepreneurship Conference

A Digital Conference

May 10th 9 am Pacific/12 pm Eastern

You Are Invited Into an Entrepreneurship Classroom

You Are Invited Into an Entrepreneurship Classroom

Get transported into a live learning environment!

In the video above Julienne Shields explains the experience she is offering our Digital Conference participants!

Join us for the Digital Conference and you will work live with Julie’s students at Millikin University on an exercise focused on estimation, iteration, and failure.

Watch Julie teach a real lesson, with real students, during the conference!

In this session, you will:

  • Watch Julie teach her iteration, experimentation and failure exercise in real-time
  • See how Julie’s students respond in real-time
  • Interact with, and provide feedback to, Julie and her students

Are you looking for exciting tools and exercises to engage your students and enrich your classroom? You are why we created our Digital Conference Experiment!

May 10th. 9:00 – 2:00 pm Pacific Time

Register Here

Register with discount code DigitalConferenceMVP for a 50% discount!


Julie is Director of the Center for Entrepreneurship at Millikin University, is an entrepreneur through the historic farm she owns, and is an educator whose energy and passion for igniting students’ entrepreneurial spirit will leave you wanting more!

Join us for this unique digital conference format; we will guide you through experimenting with the tools and exercises to:

  • Enable your students to work on big ideas
  • Engage your students in entrepreneurial skills and mindset
  • Help your students with problem validation.

At this conference, you won’t learn by listening, you’ll learn by doing!

Teaching Entrepreneurship Digital Conference

Join us May 10th. 9:00 – 2:00 pm Pacific Time

Register Here

Register with discount code DigitalConferenceMVP for a 50% discount!
See you at USASBE 2018

See you at USASBE 2018

Are you going to the USASBE conference in January? If so, we’ll see you there!

Friday Night Party

Let’s get the important stuff out of the way first, we’re throwing a party Friday night after the conference, and we’ve got room for 100 USASBE Conference attendees to join us.

Click for details and to RSVP

3 Talks + 1 Award

We’ll also be leading a handful of sessions during the conference:

  • Teaching Without A Textbook (Thur. @ 1 pm) – A half-day workshop on Thursday demonstrating four real-world experiential exercises you can use to teach problem validation and the entrepreneurial mindset.
  • Demoing Interviews & MVPs (Fri. @ 9:15 am) – Learn how to demo a live customer interview to your students, and use that interview to build an MVP before your students’ eyes.
  • 3 Steps to Better Idea Generation (Sat. @ 1:15 pm)- Three exercises that will help your students generate better business ideas by helping them focus less on products, and more on problems.

Plus, ExEC, our new entrepreneurship curriculum…

…is a finalist for the “USASBE Excellence in Pedagogical Innovation Award!

We’ll be talking about how ExEC’s, “Show. Don’t Tell.” approach to experiential learning has been having a positive impact across 20 universities during it’s pilot phase…and we’re just getting started!

  • Come cheer us on at 1:45 pm on Friday in Salon 5 at the Excellence in Pedagogical Innovation Award!

Hope to see you there!