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Boost Student Engagement with Blooket: An Interactive Teaching Tool

Boost Student Engagement with Blooket: An Interactive Teaching Tool

Engaging students in today’s digital age is challenging

There’s a new interactive teaching tool that’s making it easier than ever:

Check out Blooket

This innovative platform transforms traditional lectures into interactive exercises, fostering a more dynamic and engaging learning environment.

The image features the word "Blooket" in large, bold, white letters with a playful font set against a solid turquoise rectangular background, highlighting its role as an interactive teaching tool.

Replace Slides with Games

Blooket is a real-time, multiple-choice game similar to Kahoot!

Instead of static, bullet-heavy slide lectures, create multiple-choice questions that students can answer on their phones with Blooket.

Blooket, an interactive teaching tool

The faster they answer, the more points they earn, adding an element of excitement and competition to your lessons.

Imagine replacing your lecture slides with interactive questions where students have to use their quick thinking and even Google to find the correct answers.

This approach not only keeps students engaged but also encourages active participation and critical thinking.

Why You Will Love Blooket

  1. Interactive Learning: Blooket is more interactive than traditional lectures. Pre-testing students with Blooket allows them to use logic and prior knowledge to answer questions, fostering a deeper understanding of the material.
  2. Recap and Reinforce: Use Blooket to recap material and encourage reading. Start each class with a Blooket quiz to ensure everyone is on the same page and ready to dive into the day’s lesson.
  3. Student Engagement: Students love breaking the monotony of typical lectures with games. The competitive element of Blooket makes learning fun and engaging, increasing student participation.

Blooket is free for up to 60 students, making it an accessible option for many classrooms.

For more information on how to use Blooket, check out this demo video:

Instantly Create a Blooket with Flex

While Blooket is fantastic, creating a series of fun and challenging multiple-choice questions can be time-consuming. That’s where Flex comes in.

Flex is an AI-enabled teaching assistant designed specifically for higher education.

It can automatically generate Blooket questions for you, saving you valuable time.

Use Flex AI teaching assistant to generate Blooket questions and get an interactive teaching tool that engages students.

What is Flex?

Flex is your new teaching assistant, trained to help you save time and deliver engaging classes. Here’s what Flex can do for you:

  • Course development
  • Lesson planning
  • Grading and assessment
  • Creating interactive games like Jeopardy, Bingo, and Blooket

Watch the full demo to see Flex in action:

Request a Flex Invite

Ready to make your teaching more interactive and efficient? Click the button below to request an invite to Flex’s private beta:

Request an Invite Now

With tools like Blooket and Flex, you can transform your classroom into an engaging and dynamic learning environment, keeping students excited and motivated to learn. Give them a try and see the difference they can make!

Create Your Course Outline In a Snap!

Create Your Course Outline In a Snap!

Overwhelmed with course prep?

Flex is here to help!

Creating a comprehensive course outline is just a few clicks away with higher education’s new AI-powered TA, Flex.

3 Steps to Course Prep

3 simple steps is all it takes to create a full course outline for any subject:

  • Tell Flex the name of your course
  • Fill out your course details (duration, class length, etc.)
  • Download and customize your course outline!
Create a course outline with Flex

Request a Flex Invite

Fresh & Engaging Material

Flex keeps your course fresh and your exercises engaging.

Whether you use it as a starting point or to fully prep your course, Flex is invaluable.

Creating a course outline with Flex is a breeze

Want to See a Sample?

If you want to see a sample course outline generated by Flex, click below:

Sample course outline for intro to entrepreneurship course

Download Full Sample

Of course, Flex can create a course outline for any course you’re prepping (e.g. physics, chemistry, management, etc.)

Request an Invite

Request an invite to use Flex for free this Summer!

In addition to course outlines, Flex can help you:

  • Create lesson plans
  • Build games like Bingo, Jeopardy and Blooket
  • Draft grades and feedback on assignments

Sign up to test drive Flex Beta and let us know how we can improve it for you.

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Engage Your College Students with Classroom Games: Jeopardy Edition

Engage Your College Students with Classroom Games: Jeopardy Edition

Are you looking for a surefire way to captivate your college students?

Why not spice up your teaching toolkit with classroom games for college students like Jeopardy?

These engaging games not only capture students’ attention but also significantly improve learning outcomes, as numerous studies have repeatedly shown.

An infographic highlighting gamified learning. The top half shows a circular chart and text stating an 89% increase in student performance via challenge-based, gamified learning, sourced from ScienceDirect. The bottom half shows human icons and text indicating 67% of students found classroom games for college students more motivating and engaging than traditional courses, sourced from Intuition.

Why Use Jeopardy as a Classroom Game for College Students?

Jeopardy is a timeless, versatile tool that can be adapted to teach virtually any subject. Its game-show format is familiar and exciting, offering a fun yet educational experience. Here’s how Jeopardy can enhance your teaching:

The image displays the iconic "Jeopardy!" game show logo in bold, silver letters against a vibrant background with starry effects and gradient hues of purple, pink, red, and orange. Perfect for classroom games for college students, the word "Jeopardy!" stands out prominently in the center.


  1. Engagement and Motivation: The competitive nature of Jeopardy motivates students to participate actively. It turns learning into an interactive experience, making students more likely to retain information.
  2. Versatility in Teaching: Jeopardy can introduce new topics, review material, or reinforce key concepts. It’s suitable for all subjects—from finance and history to entrepreneurship and the sciences.
  3. Collaborative Learning: Students can work in groups, fostering teamwork and collaborative problem-solving skills. This peer interaction enhances their understanding and retention of the material.
  4. Active Learning: Unlike passive learning methods, Jeopardy requires students to actively recall information and think critically, which strengthens their cognitive skills.

How to Use Jeopardy as a Classroom Game for College Students

Implementing Jeopardy in your classroom is simple and incredibly effective. Here’s how you can make the most of it:

  1. Introduction to the Course: At the beginning of the term, use Jeopardy to introduce key concepts and topics. This sets a fun, engaging tone for the rest of the course.
  2. Collaborative Learning Activities: Encourage students to form groups and use resources, including the Internet, to find answers. This not only helps them learn collaboratively but also teaches research skills.
  3. Exam Preparation: Before exams, use Jeopardy to review the course material. This helps students recall information and identify areas where they need further study.

Introducing Flex: Your Personal Teaching Assistant

To streamline your teaching process, meet Flex: Higher Education’s Virtual Teaching Assistant. Flex is designed to assist professors with various teaching tasks, making creating engaging and interactive learning experiences easier, like a custom Jeopardy game.

What Can Flex Do for You?

  • Course Preparation: Flex helps you organize and prepare your course materials efficiently.
  • Assessment Assistance: It aids in creating and managing assessments, ensuring that you can evaluate student performance effectively.
  • Interactive Game Creation: With Flex, you can effortlessly create interactive games like Jeopardy, adding a dynamic element to your teaching toolkit.

See Flex in Action!

Check out the video below for a comprehensive demo of Flex’s capabilities:

Use Flex to Create Your Own Jeopardy Game: The Ultimate Classroom Game for College Students

Creating a Jeopardy game with Flex is quick and easy. In less than 3 minutes, you can set up a customized game that aligns with your course objectives. Here’s how:

  1. Open Flex: Log in to Flex and select the Jeopardy game template.
  2. Customize Your Game: Input your questions and answers based on your course material.
  3. Launch and Play: Use the PowerPoint slides to run the game in your classroom.

Not a Flex user yet? Flex is currently available by invite only, sign up now to get on the waitlist and we’ll let you know when spots are open.

Request an Invite

Wondering if you aced the Jeopardy game above?

Check your answers below:

  • A funding strategy that involves raising small amounts of money from a large number of people, often via the Internet: What is crowdfunding?
  • A business that takes natural resources and converts them into a consumer good: What is a manufacturer?
  • One of the more specific groups of potential consumers toward which an organization directs its marketing program: What is a target market or customer segment?

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Prep Faster Than Ever This Summer: Meet Flex Your Virtual TA

Prep Faster Than Ever This Summer: Meet Flex Your Virtual TA

This Summer, prep for the fall semester faster than you ever have with Flex. Your new AI-powered virtual TA, made specifically for higher education. Here’s how Flex can make your teaching life easier:

Flex is the ultimate virtual assistant for:

  • Course prep
  • Game creation
  • Assessment

Let’s Dive In:

1. Prep Faster

With Flex, you can create comprehensive course outlines and detailed lesson plans in minutes.

No more spending hours crafting the perfect syllabus or lesson plan.

Simply input your course details, and Flex will generate a downloadable and editable document tailored to your needs.

2. Engagement with Game Creation

We all know that engaging students is a never-ending cycle. Flex, your virtual TA will make engagement seamless in your lessons. By Keeping your students engaged with interactive games like Jeopardy, Bingo, and Blooket.

Flex allows you to create customizable games that fit your course content, adding a fun and competitive element to your lessons.

These games are perfect for reviewing material and keeping students motivated.

3. Assessment

Grading can be a time-consuming task, but Flex simplifies it.

Upload your grading rubrics, and Flex will apply them to your assignments, ensuring consistency and saving you valuable time.

Flex can handle various formats and types of assignments, making the grading process smoother and more efficient. Your virtual TA has you covered, so you can spend less time grading and more time doing what you love: teaching.

Want to See Flex in Action?

Built By Professors for Professors

Flex isn’t just another generic AI tool. It’s built by professors, for professors, ensuring it meets the unique needs of higher education.

Here’s what Professors have to say about Flex:

An image with a crumpled paper background featuring a testimonial quote: "Flex’s assessments are surprisingly helpful, like having a virtual TA." Below the quote is a small circular headshot of Hovig Tchalian, Assistant Professor at USC. The Flex logo appears in the bottom right corner.

An image with a crumpled paper background features a testimonial quote, "Prepping with Flex is a game changer," in bold black text. Below is a photo of Malika Richards, labeled as Professor at Penn State University, alongside the Flex logo and its virtual TA feature.

Free For The Summer

This summer, Flex is offering exclusive access for free as you prepare for the fall semester.

However, access is currently by invitation only. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to:

  • Save time with course prepping
  • Reduce your grading time
  • Add gamification to your lessons

Get ahead of your prep work and experience the benefits of Flex. Join the waitlist now to secure your invitation.

Request an Invite

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