ChatGPT Prompts for Students: Part 1

ChatGPT Prompts for Students: Part 1

Student anxiety is skyrocketing around ChatGPT.

  • Can they use it?
  • Should they use it?
  • How do they use it?

The answer is yes, yes, and see the ChatGPT prompts for students below!

Entrepreneurship students spend their time consuming, curating and creating.

What if they could minimize the time investment and maximize the learning?

They can with these 5 ChatGPT prompts for students:

  • Get tutored
  • Get quizzed
  • Create a presentation
  • Debrief a team experience
  • Get a team coach


If you liked our Chatgpt prompts, check out our AI Interviewing Simulator or the How AI Thinks exercise for more engaging ways to up your students' AI game.

What's Next?

In upcoming posts, we will share exercises to engage your students.

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