Content Marketer

REMOTE | Part-Time | $25 - $50/hr

Work Remotely. Improve Education.


If you’re looking for flexible, remote work and are interested in helping educators create more engaging and impactful courses, this could be the position for you!

We’re an education startup that’s replacing traditional textbooks with personalized tutors.

We’re looking for someone great at content marketing to help us grow the number of professors who know about, and utilize our materials. In particular, we’re looking for someone who can:

  • Write weekly lead magnet articles like these: example 1, example 2, example 3
  • Turn those weekly articles into value-added emails to our mailing list: example 1, example 2, example 3
  • Implement SEO strategies for our new and existing content
  • Develop a drip campaign and funnel-optimization strategies

Note: we can outline the content our audience will find valuable (i.e., draft the lesson plans, slides, etc. they’ll find valuable). We need help turning those drafts into polished and compelling articles/emails that our audience finds valuable.

We expect this position will require 15 – 25 hours per week to start, with the potential to increase if you’re interested.



Here’s what we’re looking for in a Content Marketer:

  • Someone who can write emotionally compelling, custom-centric content. Each article should start by highlighting the problem the article/email will solve for professors and then in a visually and emotionally compelling way deliver a solution to that problem.
  • Someone with marketing, SEO, and funnel-building experience. Ideally, we can work with someone who has successfully led and executed marketing strategies like the ones we’ve currently implemented and can offer ways to optimize them.
  • Someone detail-oriented. We’re looking for someone who can do their own proofing/editing and can use tools like WordPress and Mailchimp to consistently produce high-quality content for a professional, academic brand.
  • Someone who can hit deadlines. We’ll give you full autonomy to manage your schedule, we just need to ensure new content will be delivered each week without reminders.
  • Someone with a great design eye. Articles, emails, and LinkedIn posts need to be accompanied by compelling visuals. Use of Canva, or AI-based image generation is encouraged.


How We Can Help You

Here’s what we can promise you:

  • Consistent remote work
  • Autonomy over your schedule
  • An eagerness to help you succeed
  • Opportunities to develop your own entrepreneurial skills



To apply, please email justin [at] with an email that mimics our email style selling us on why you are our ideal content marketer. The email will ideally:

  • Start by agitating the problem we are trying to solve by hiring a content marketer
  • Describe why your services are the ideal solution to our problems using marketing tactics (e.g. examples, testimonials, etc.)
  • Describe and/or link to any examples of your experience as a content marketer,  working with WordPress, Mailchimp (or similar ESP), SEO, and/or funnel optimization
  • Optional: Include an image that utilizes our brand color #FFBF00

Overall, your application email should market your services in a way that gives us a sense of how you’ll market our services.

Note: We welcome you to send us a draft of your email application. Just let us know if you’d like some feedback and we’ll gladly provide it before you submit your final version.



We’re changing traditional textbooks from boring, expensive, and outdated tomes to AI-enabled personal tutors. Starting with university entrepreneurship classes and expanding from there, we’re replacing lectures and textbooks with personalized experiences that provide differentiated education for every student.

If you’re passionate about education, and changing the way young people think about serving others, learn more about us, please apply!