Create Digital Worksheets with Google Docs and Slides

Create Digital Worksheets with Google Docs and Slides

The key to engaging students, especially online, is to make lectures interactive.

One of the best ways to do that is to create digital worksheets your students can use to apply the lesson you’re teaching in real time. 

For example, you can create a:

  • Idea generation worksheet to help students brainstorm
  • Digital version of the Business Model Canvas
  • Financial modeling worksheet
  • Customer interview script 
  • …or anything else you can think of

This is the same technique used to create digital worksheets for the online and in-person versions of the Experiential Entrepreneurship Curriculum, and students love them.

See the instructions below to learn how to use Google Docs and Slides to create your own digital worksheets that will engage students.

How to Create Digital Worksheets

In case you missed our previous post in this series, we talked about how combine your slides and webcam to recreate the effect below for live sessions.

combine powerpoint webcam camera zoom teams obs meet

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