The ExECutives

The ExECutives

The ExECutives are passionate startup founders, mentors and teachers who want to improve entrepreneurial education.

Our Goal

Teach customer development skills to 1 million university students.

Our Progress

Since 2017, we’ve:

  • Developed the Experiential Entrepreneurship Curriculum (ExEC) – a 15-week Customer Development-centric entrepreneurship curriculum that is 100% experiential – no lectures, no textbook, no tests. Students learn business model validation by designing and testing their own business models.

  • Beta tested ExEC in 20 universities with over 1,440 new entrepreneurship students.

  • Been nominated for USASBE’s 2018 Innovation in Entrepreneurial Pedagogy Award.
  • Started, a community for and by entrepreneurship teachers whose membership has grown to 1900+ members.

Our Next Steps

  • May 2018 – Host the world’s largest digital conference dedicated to teaching entrepreneurship
  • June 2018 – Officially launch ExEC, transitioning from beta to general availability
  • Sept 2018 – Grow from 20 universities and 1.4k students to 50 universities and 5k students.

Who We’re Looking For

A diverse set of founders, members and teachers who are passionate about improving entrepreneurship education for the next generation. For details on our current team members, please, click here.

Note: we are a distributed team. You can be based wherever you are, anywhere in the world.

Your Role

If you’re interested in working with some of the best entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship teachers from around the world, there are several ways you can contribute:

  • Can you write good? From blog posts, to lesson plans, to experiential exercises, if you’re a strong writer you’ll have a huge impact on this project – you’ll be able to write something better than this.
  • Are you an obsessive planner? If you’ve managed large, complex projects that involve 1000’s of people, our Teaching Entrepreneurship digital conference in May is one of those. It will kick off ExEC’s launch campaign and having someone with your attention to detail will pay off immensely.
  • Can you optimize a funnel? If you have experience building, executing and/or optimizing B2B conversion funnels, we’ve got a huge playground for you to play in. Thousands of teachers from around the world are looking for ways to engage their entrepreneurial students, and we’ve developed a compelling way to do just that.
  • Do you love teachers? If you’re inspired by the idea helping thousands of entrepreneurship teachers from around the world, sharing experiential tools and exercises with them, as well as connecting with them on a personal level, there’s an opportunity for you to lead the community and develop it into the best place for entrepreneurship teachers to help other entrepreneurship teachers.
  • Do you have >10 karma on Hacker News? If you want to play with Firebase, App Engine, Cloud Datastore and WordPress to make entrepreneurship education accessible to everyone, we’ve got an environment you can play in.


  • Do you want to learn how to do any of the above better? The ExECutives is a group where “learn by doing”, and “do by learning” meet. If there’s something you’re excited to learn, we’re excited to teach it. Passion, not experience, required.

What it’s Like Being an ExECutive

If we find there’s a mutually beneficial role for you, we’ll ask:

  • You contribute 10+ hours/week to ExEC for 3 months (mid March – mid. June)
  • In exchange for your help with ExEC, the ExECutive board members will help you with your initiative.
  • We’ll compensate one another with time and expertise; no money or equity exchanged.

How to Apply

Complete this application by Feb. 27th, 2018.


Contact [email protected].

The Time is Now

This is a unique time. We’ve validated the world is ready for entrepreneurial change.

If you’re ready to change it, this is our chance.

Apply to join us.