Change Your Data

Change Your Data

To change the products you sell:

  1. Click the Layout button:
  2. Click the Inline List “Goodies” button. This is the list of all the items you’re selling:
  3. Click the Data button:
  4. Change the first row to be a product you want to sell:
  5. Double-click the image cell and click the Pencil Icon to pick a new image:
    Click the edit button in the top right corner of an image to change it
  6. Scroll up and down in your app to see your new product info::
  7. Continue updating your app’s products

Adding New Products

  1. To add a new product, click the New Row button:
  2. Edit the new row including picking a picture for it:
  3. Scroll your app up and down to see your new data:

Now you know how to tweak your app’s data. Next, let’s tweak its functionality.

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