Change Your Data

Change Your Data

To change the products you sell:

  1. Click the Layout button:
  2. Click the Inline List “Goodies” button. This is the list of all the items you’re selling:
  3. Click the Data button:
  4. Change the first row to be a product you want to sell:
  5. Double-click the image cell and click the Pencil Icon to pick a new image:
    Click the edit button in the top right corner of an image to change it
  6. Scroll up and down in your app to see your new product info::
  7. Continue updating your app’s products

Adding New Products

  1. To add a new product, click the New Row button:
  2. Edit the new row including picking a picture for it:
  3. Scroll your app up and down to see your new data:

Now you know how to tweak your app’s data. Next, let’s tweak its functionality.

One thought on “Change Your Data

  1. Why does it not have inline list on my page? It has no Screen, Rich text, separator or inline list. It just says User profile and then components. I am stuck at this point.

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