What You’ll Make

What You’ll Make

With this tutorial, you’ll learn how to make an app that…

  • Works on iPhone and Android
  • Takes credit card payments
  • That you can launch today

All without any coding experience!

Here’s a sample of what you’ll be able to build:

Don’t Need a Delivery App?

No worries! This is just a tutorial app.

Once you’ve got the basics you can build a wide range of apps including social media apps, games, business software – just about anything you can think of.

When Something Breaks

Building apps is still new and a little complex. When something unexpected happens…

Don’t worry! This is more about learning something new than it is about producing a perfect app.

So if something goes wrong:

  1. Try refreshing the page
  2. Try a different web browser. Chrome seems to perform best but if it’s not working for you, try another one.
  3. Ask for help from peers, your instructor and even Glide Support. While you wait for help…experiment! See what else you can learn about building apps.
  4. Remember that this tutorial will be here later. There’s no rush to finish everything now, so you can always come back!

All that said, let’s have some fun and…

Launch Your App

When you’re ready…

Use the “Next Lesson” button below to get started!

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