New Venture Creation Sample Syllabus

New Venture Creation Sample Syllabus

When building an undergraduate New Venture Creation course, here are a few key things we learned from surveying our community of over 4,000 entrepreneurship educators:

  • Starting a new venture is scary. Students benefit when focused on a few core skills necessary to feel confident in their ability to start something, no matter how small. Introduce your students to skills like problem solving, customer interviewing, and prototyping on their path to creating something.
  • If you can relate the skills students are practicing in class to their current life as a student, their progress and confidence will skyrocket. Find ways early in the semester to show your students how the skills they will learn apply to their current existence as a student, an employee, or a member of a student organization.

  • Students benefit when they hear from external stakeholders. Bring entrepreneurs into the course, both as guest speakers and as judges for pitching feedback.

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We’ve created a detailed New Venture Creation sample syllabus that details the components of a full semester course.

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