Online Entrepreneurship Syllabus

Online Entrepreneurship Syllabus

When building an online entrepreneurship course, here are a few key things we learned from surveying our community of nearly 10,000 entrepreneurship educators, and from building and piloting our Experiential Entrepreneurship Curriculum (ExEC) online this fall:

  • We teach today in a world of uncertainty. Engaging students online quickly became a skill we needed to master, but with which few of us have experience.  In this course, students stay engaged with you, with each other, and with their entrepreneurial skills development process. The skills they practice include identifying opportunities, problem-solving, customer interviewing, and prototyping.

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  • Students today are not just looking for an internship or a job. They look to change the world and to find a career path that gives them purpose. This online format is a perfect platform to inspire your students by bringing people who are changing the world into your class via Zoom or Skype sessions.

Get the Online Entrepreneurship Sample Syllabus

We’ve created a detailed Online Entrepreneurship sample syllabus that details the components of a full semester course.

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It’s free for any/all entrepreneurship teachers, so you’re welcome to share it.