Social Entrepreneurship Sample Syllabus

Social Entrepreneurship Sample Syllabus

When building an undergraduate Social Entrepreneurship course, here are a few key things we learned from surveying our community of over 4,000 entrepreneurship educators:

  • Many students today want to change the world, but they struggle with understanding how to start. In this course, you can help position them to address a social need with a mission-driven for-profit or not-for-profit venture. Skills necessary include identifying opportunities, problem solving, customer interviewing, and prototyping. They may not build a social business or movement today or tomorrow, but those skills will be valuable for them in any career path.

  • Students are involved with many organizations in the community and across campus. No matter their position in these organizations, you can show your students how the skills they will practice during this course will benefit them in all of those organizations.
  • Students looking to change the world want inspiration, and want to know it’s possible. Bring people changing the world into your class – via guest speakers, Skype speakers, and judges for pitching – to show students what is possible.

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We’ve created a detailed Social Entrepreneurship sample syllabus that details the components of a full semester course.

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