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AI Copilot: Slides & Tools to Improve Group Work

AI Copilot: Slides & Tools to Improve Group Work

Let’s face it:

Getting students to do group work, especially online, can feel like herding cats in a thunderstorm.

But Remote Group Work is Essential

Thanks to the pandemic, the workplace has fundamentally changed. In 2023…

80% of remote-capable employees expected to work in remote or in hybrid environments.

We need to ensure our students know how to collaborate effectively, especially online.

To that end, here are:

Slides for Smooth Group Work

Download and modify these slides to help your students use ai copilots to work better in groups:

Inside these slides are a bunch of ai copilot resources for your students including:

  • A group contract
  • Scheduling tools
  • Communication tools
  • Video collaboration tools
  • Whiteboard tools