Teachers Need Tools

Teachers Need Tools

“I was never excited about how I was teaching, until I found ExEC. The tools bring the learning to life, and my students have never been more engaged!” – Doan Winkel, John Carroll University

Building a Curriculum

Like any profession, teachers need the proper tools. An entrepreneurship classroom should be buzzing, alive with active learning. Students should be:

  • experimenting
  • building
  • interviewing
  • failing
  • reflecting

Textbooks and their associated “tools” don’t deliver on that potential; slides and test banks, and case studies fall short of creating experiential learning opportunities our students deserve.  Our award-winning Experiential Entrepreneurship Curriculum (ExEC) gives you the tools. Literally!

Toolbox for Experiential Entrepreneurship Curriculum

The Tools You Need, When You Need Them

With ExEC, you get an LMS template, a full suite of detailed lesson plans and slides for each class period, an extensive assessment guide, and resource guides.

  • Our LMS templates allow you to hit the ground running so you don’t waste time organizing the course structure or assignments.
  • Our lesson plans walk you through each class period minute-by-minute to deliver every aspect of our curriculum, along with hints, tips and tricks based on years of interviews with our professors and students.
  • The assessment guide gives you a method to assess student process, not progress. This encourages skill development, meaningful learning about the market, customer, and problems, and an experimental mindset they can leverage no matter their career path.
  • With our curated resource guides, you get in-depth coverage of dozens of topics such as financials, legal issues, and team formation.

These tools are quite valuable for students, who have lifetime access to ExEC, as they navigate their entrepreneurial path post-college and find the need for this information.

Starting this fall, when you sign up for ExEC, you also get your very own experiential toolbox filled with the tools you need to deliver the experience we promise. For FREE!

Experiential Entrepreneurship Curriculum Toolbox

We provide you with:

  1. Spaghetti, marshmallows, tape and a tape measure to teach students why business plans fail.
  2. Mechanical pencils to teach students how to identify early adopters.
  3. Customer interviewing cards to teach students how to effectively interview customers.
  4. Post-it notes (because any good entrepreneurship educator needs lots of post-it notes!)

Tools Need a Process

When you sign up to teach with ExEC, you get access to a structured curriculum that engages your students  from day one in real-life learning experience. We are a team of entrepreneurs and educators who have been building this curriculum for years using the very same lean principles we train educators to teach their students.

More importantly, you get the tools necessary to engage students in practicing skills, actively. They learn:

Students should learn by doing during class time. You should not be explaining entrepreneurship topics to them, you should be inviting them to practice the skills real entrepreneurs use to deliver real value to real customer. With ExEC, the learning comes to life every class period. We enable you to guide them through practicing hard skills that entrepreneurs need to succeed.

Fall is almost here. ExEC has the tools you need to deliver an experience your students will never forget!

We built this experience for you, for your students. ExEC enables professors to easily shift away from the traditional stand-and-deliver model to a model where the real teacher is the students’ experience.

Build an Engaged Class this Fall

If you want the tools to get your students buzzing with the excitement of active learning, our Experiential Entrepreneurship Curriculum is your one-stop shop.

Dozens of professors are using the ExEC toolkit to bring entrepreneurship to life for their students. Request your preview today to get a jump on planning your Fall courses.

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