Town Hall with President-Elect Doan Winkel

Town Hall with President-Elect Doan Winkel

If you haven’t already heard, Doan Winkel, one of’s co-founders, has been elected as USASBE’s President for 2021! 

Teaching Entrepreneurship University

USASBE (the United States Association for Small Business and Entrepreneurship) is the largest professional organization dedicated solely to advancing academic entrepreneurship education through bold teaching, scholarship, and practice. This year Doan is serving as the President-elect, preparing to lead the organization next year. As part of his preparation, he wants to practice what he preaches and talks to his customers. 

Namely, he wants to talk to you.

Not surprisingly, Doan is treating his tenure as President like an entrepreneur, so he wants to know from members of the entrepreneurship education community:

  • Your biggest teaching challenges
  • Your teaching goals
  • Your teaching wishes

…so he, and the rest of the USASBE team, can ideate and experiment with ways to help. With this goal in mind…

Doan and USASBE are hosting their first-ever Virtual Town Hall on Wednesday, March 25 from 1-2pm Eastern

teaching entrepreneurship online

If you want:

  • To propose new ideas in entrepreneurship education
  • Help to address any challenges you see our community facing 
  • To ask questions about effective teaching strategies or
  • To hear Doan’s vision for the future of teaching entrepreneurship

Register here to attend and/or receive a recording of the USASBE Virtual Town Hall.

Better yet, use the buttons below to vote on the biggest challenge you’d like to see Doan and USASBE tackle as an entrepreneurship education community.

What’s the biggest challenge facing entrepreneurship education? Please use the buttons below to vote and help Doan organize the Virtual Town Hall:






Hope you can join us, or at least watch the recording. 


Register here for the Virtual-Town Hall. 

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