Virtual Workshop: Engaging Students Online

Virtual Workshop: Engaging Students Online

Let’s be honest. Teaching to a screen isn’t as fun as teaching in person. In person you can:

  • See if students are engaged
  • Have lively discussions
  • Connect with students

None of those are easy to do online, and because of it, teaching online can be more draining and less enjoyable.

Online Teaching Best Practices

Interested in learning how to teach online in a more engaging way? How about learning best practices in a live, “practice what we preach” environment with other entrepreneurship instructors from around the world?

Help launch the Engaging Students Online Virtual Workshop!

You’ll Learn

Techniques for making your online…

  • Lectures more engaging
  • Discussions more interactive
  • Lessons more experiential

…and ultimately, fostering connections between you and your students.

That said, we’d love your input so we can prioritize the topics and tailor the experience to your needs.

How Much Will it Cost?

We’re hoping to keep the cost as low as possible. Please fill out the interest form to help us figure it out!

When Will it Be?

Great question. You tell us…

Taking into account your availability, when would an Engaging Students Online Virtual Workshop be most helpful to you?

Late April

Early May

Late May

More options...

Whether you’re new to online teaching and looking to improve your experience, or a pro willing to share your wisdom, please let us know if you’re interested in a virtual workshop dedicated to increasing engagement in online classes.

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